Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapter 1 Blog Assignment

Do you think people take idea of democracy for granted…. Why, anything to be done about it.

     I do think people take the idea of democracy for granted. I believe this because they want the democracy but they do not want to do their part for it. Examples of this is the lack of voter turn out, amount of people that want out of jury duty, and overall lack of involvement. In this country it is often easy to complain when things do not go as one hopes and yet those same individuals did not homework on the issues, people behind the issues, or those coming into office. As a whole we get so caught up in the media frenzy of this politician attacking this one that we become jaded that we know everything about one or that we don't know enough about another and instead of researching it stops there. Thus so many people vote without facts or don't vote because they feel they do not have enough facts.

    My biggest suggestion on how this can be fixed is to create more open caucus' in more locations to allow additional people involved. Go straight to the horses mouth as I heard often growing up.

Why do you think Separation of powers is so crucial, so important

     I believe the separation of powers is so crucial so we stay a democracy. People are only human and in the end most have an inner desire to further themselves. That being said with the separation we are doing exactly what the framers hoped for. No one can person/group can become the prime power as not only do they have separate powers but they can not function without each other. Also with each having some power over the other, there is virtually no way of one taking over the others. This has allowed America to stay a democracy and not fall into dictatorship. I also feel the separation of powers allows the people to be better involved and the constitution to be better served as it keeps a greater number and diversity of people in power.

Where so I fall in line of ideology and why?
    I am a moderate on the line of ideology. I fall closer to the right side and conservative but I have liberal type ideas as well. I believe taxes should be lowered and more across the board, yet I strongly support social help programs like welfare and unemployment. On that though I am conservative in thinking the government does not restrict access to these programs enough; I believe in a helping hand not a hand out. I do not stand with the conservatives with same gender marriage and rights yet I do when it comes to abortion. I feel if we have a law about taking a life, that even means unborn babies. I am conservative on the lines of gun laws as well. My strong ideas can be found on both sides which is why I would classify myself moderate yet I tend to find myself more aligned with conservatives in voting and thinking on most issues.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Roane State POLS 1030 U.S. Government & Politics

This blog will start with my class at Roane State POLS 1030 U.S. Government & Politics.