Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chapter 3 Blog Assignment

 Is a strong national government necessary or should the state governments have an equal share of power?  Why?

I am tore on this one. I feel we need a strong national government, without it we risk our nation falling a part. We risk being taken over by other countries, we risk revolt and civil war as happened when President Lincoln took office. That being said I do believe the states should have a more equal share of power. I see since the constitution took effect more and more power being taken over by the federal government and all in the name of "necessary and proper". All in all I feel there are to many laws and in many ways the constitution is skewed to fit the governments wants at that time.

National power increased during the Great Depression but then power began to shift back to the states (somewhat) during the Reagan administration.  Why did that happen and is that shift appropriate?

 The Nixon administration began a trend called the new New Federalism that began shifting the power back to the states. The shift was primarily that money given to the states from the federal government had more leeway for the states to decide how to use it. I feel the shift happened and is appropriate because during the depression, World War 2, and civil rights movements the federal government gained to much power. That being said giving the states money and deciding how to use it was not a big enough shift of power back to the states. 

Education stirs much discussion relating to the issue of federalism.  Should the national government regulate education or is it a matter best left to state and local governments?  Why?

My opinions here differ so much it is hard to put into words. I do not feel it is constitutional for one, for the national government to regulate education. I do feel there is no clear line on who controls regulates what for there to be a clear agreement on that is to happen with education. My son was in headstart last year and they could not celebrate holidays and do certain things because the federal government regulates all of that. The headstart can not teach how to color in the lines, send homework home, and basically become a glorified daycare instead of teaching. This in no way prepared my son for Kindergarten which is held to a higher standard than when we were kids. How is that constitutional or beneficial for the peoples well being?  A lot of my thinking is that if the states and local government regulated things BUT at the same time we did not have so many petty rules and laws governing us, the issues that are of much more importance would be dealt with. I see a lot of power struggle between the federal and state governments that only result in added confusion and headache for the general people.

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  1. Very interesting view points on the education ordeal! I do not have a kid in school, so I don't get to experience what can go wrong when the national government regulates education. Very interesting!