Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chapter 13 Blog Assignment

1. Research federal agencies and explain which one you feel is the most important one and why?

I feel the concept of the Homeland Security agency is the most important. I do not feel it does enough though. I feel the agency should be the head of all organization for out homeland. The FBI, CIA, NSA should all be headed through the Homeland Security. This would allow better communication between agencies and a better security for our home front.

2. Which federal agency could be terminated with the least impact (if any) and why?

 I do not feel that any agency could be terminated without having crucial effects to both or social culture and economic culture. I think every agency could be cut back to a more manageable size. There are things in each agency that does not work, which causes the end result to be less productive.

3. Are any new agencies needed?  In other words, if you were president would you create new agencies?  If so, in what area(s)?

NO, I do not feel there are new agencies needed. I feel the government already has more control over our lives then is needed. We also spend billions of dollars on programs that are not worked enough as it is.

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