Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter 12 Blog Assigment

1. What makes a great President (not which Presidents have been great) . . . what qualities are essential to greatness?  Why?
 In my opinion a great President is someone who does everything in their power to fulfill their promises to the people. A President who does not play games and try to deceive the American public. A good President looks out for the welfare of our nation for our children and grandchildren.

2. Other than Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, which two Presidents have been the greatest and why?
Thomas Jefferson, being one the president's that had the greatest  role in the Deceleration of Independence and the writing of the Constitution. I feel he was in line with what this country needed and was expected as a president.

Franklin Roosevelt is the one I would choose second. This is a hard call for me as I think he is a great president for the fact that he got citizens through our hardest economic times. That being said I do not agree with the social program and route our federal government has taken on since the New Deal. So many of these programs have been inefficient in much help yet drastically contribute to out financial crises. 

3. Research a President that you're previously unfamiliar with - list at least three things you learned.  Was this President effective?  Why or why not?

I researched James K Polk.  I learned he left office before finishing term due to health and dies shortly after. His primary focus was on expanding the United States and after a war with Mexico, he acquired California and New Mexico. He left being the Speaker of the House of Representatives to become the Governor of Tennessee. I do believe off of what I read that President Polk was an effective President. He accomplished what he said he was set to do; in the end that is what should be used to judge effectiveness.

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  1. i chose FDR to in my blog. he thought about the little people and we need a president now like him.