Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chapter 5 Blog Assignment

1. The issue of race - does the government do too little or too much to reduce the instances of racial discrimination?  Why or how so?
It is my opinion the government does to much in the area of racial discrimination in so far as affirmative action.  Affirmative Action was a great thing that helped bring equality and a better life for ethnic people yet in my opinion, it is unneeded now. I would say after more than twenty years (closer to thirty or thirty five) since equality has been a mainstay it is time to get rid of it. I seen the races as in a competition as to who can be 'owed' more by our government. As a student I see Asian, African American, Hispanic loans/scholarships; yet where is the poor white fund? I am not say ethnic people do not need the help but instead of focusing on the color of our skin lets focus on things of importance.... deserving, need, background, etc. I have seen so many people act like they are owed something because the 'white' man did this or that. In reality this generation is not owed anything because they did not live through it, we are all equal and all deserve the same opportunities for our slice of the pie.... again regardless of the color of our skin.
2. The issue of gender - same question as #1.

I feel the same as question one in my answer. I do not see gender as something that should play a role in ANYTHING. I feel it should be based on skill, education, determination; if the best one is a female then so be it.... male then so be it. I would never want a job, role in society, or role in my own house to be from the fact I am a female. I want to EARN my way in life, not have it handed to me because my grandmother and great grandmother (etc) did not have the same equality in our society I do. I do not need their hand outs.

3. The issue of sexual orientation - same question as #1 and #2.
Wow, for me this week has been easy questions, or I am just really opinionated on these subjects. I feel the government needs to back off and out of peoples sexual orientation. What is it to any of us who someone calls a spouse, partner, bed mate? I am a Christian, therefore my religion teaches whats right and wrong, but I am also taught not to judge as that is my makers job. To love and respect and do unto others as I would have done unto me, ummmm well I was allowed to get married and was not told who to marry; therefore my gay friend Joe should be able to marry whomever he chooses regardless of gender. For a nation so bent on keeping church and state separate, I would honestly like to know where the Constitution grants the power of marriage. This to me is a religious issue not a government issue; especially one with no ties to religion. I am not condoning or condemning this act but I do think the government has not place governing it in any sense.

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