Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chapter 9 Blog Assigment

1. Which political party do you most identify with?  Why?  Are there things in the party platform with which you disagree?
I identify with the Republican party primarily. I am conservative and feel our government should take a more hands off approach.  I do not feel we should have a lot of the laws we have today. Also if our government took a step back and let people run and live their own daily lives, I do not believe we would be in the debt or economic worry we are in today. I feel we have a double standard in a lot of way, we fiddle in this because a politician thinks we should but we are going to let this business continue to do under handed things. At some point there has to be more of an equality to getting involved or staying out of it. I do not believe in the regulations on same sex marriage or death penalty.

2. Does America need political parties?  The founders originally hoped that American politics would operate without need of parties?  Would that work today?  Why?
I do agree that America needs political parties. Exactly what our text book pointed out, without them how would we hold our politicians accountable. I do not feel we would have the democracy we have today without the parties. Take out the parties and I believe we would go back to political bosses. The arena for elections would have to be controlled by someone and I do not think there would be the 'other' party checking to make sure things are done correctly.

3. Please research lesser known political parties - which one do you most identify with?  Why?
I researched the American First Party, established in 2002. The party is pro-life, opposes all gun control, seeks to end affirmative action, racial quotas, and illegal and unlimited immigration. They believe the 16th amendment was not ratified and should be removed. I do not agree with the fact that they support allowing mandated organized prayer in public places, especially in public schools. But I do agree with them allowing displays of religious icons (such as tablets of the Ten Commandments) by the government on public property. They want to take all federal funding from public schools and although I agree with their position that this allows to much federal control, I still feel funding with minimal regulation should occur. 


  1. really interesting reading. good post.

  2. Awesome post. Definitely agree with your views.

  3. Good post. Holding politicans accountable would be much harder without political parties.