Friday, October 7, 2011

Chapter 6 Blog Assignment

Is American news media too dependent upon polls?  Is it appropriate for news agencies to create polls and then report on them?  Why or why not?
I believe that the media is too dependent upon polls. I do not feel they should create and report on them. There is no way to show the true scientific polling on their polls. This is what causes things like the Kerry/Bush fiasco. That being said I do not feel it would be okay to create laws against them.

2. How important is political party identification to you (e.g. as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc.)?  Was it more or less important to your parents & grandparents?  Does it seem voting. more or less important to your friends?  Why or why not?
 Political party identification is important to me. If asked I will always say I am a Republican; that being said it is not my ultimate decision when voting. I vote Republican unless there is a person that sticks out and hits home for me. I do feel party identification was a lot more important to previous generations. That being said I also feel the parties were more set on who and what they believed in and the lines were not as skewed between parties. I do not know where my friends stand on party lines as it has almost become taboo to talk about politics do to being "politically correct".

3. Do you feel that you opinion of politics is more influenced by economic issues or by social issues?  Why?
 I feel the opinion of politics in this day and age are influenced by economic issues. With the downturn of the economy there are so many people out of work or barely making it month to month. Important issues that people feel strongly about seem to not be as big when people are losing their homes, jobs, and not being able to provide for their family.


  1. i agree with your economic statement. good blog.

  2. I like how you also pointed out how social issues got put on the back burner when the economy went south, as did I.

  3. Your right, being politically correct does influence how we talk about political issues. It's too bad that some people avoid topics simply because they fear making people uncomfortable.