Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chapter 8 Blog Assignment

 From figure 8.1 in the text, select one of the interest groups and do some research on their issues and beliefs.  What did you learn?  What did you find interesting?  Do you agree/disagree with their positions on issues? Why?
 I researched the APWU or American Postal Workers Union. It is a union that supports the postal workers. They have fought for dignity and respect for the workers they represent, as well as for decent pay and benefits and safe working conditions. They were formed after workers were not receiving raises. It is actually several unions that merged together. I could not find anything I did not agree with, I believe they are true to their mission statement.
Find an interest group with which you associate (positively).  What is the name of the group and what do you find persuasive about their position on issues?
I associate with the NRA. My husband and mother-in-law are concealed weapons carriers. They believe in information and training to be able to handle a weapon securely. The NRA helps train law enforcement, they have also started a program to teach children to "STOP. DON'T TOUCH. LEAVE THE AREA. TELL AN ADULT." Since guns will always be in our life I greatly appreciate all the NRA does to help train individuals. 
Do interest groups have enough/too much/the right amount of power in the political system?  Most believe it's a fine-line balance between freedom of speech for the groups and keeping unfair persuasion out of government.  Where is that line and when is it crossed?
I think there should be a more level playing field for interest groups. Important groups are often over looked due to lower membership or income. I do not feel they have to much power, yet I do feel they do not have enough laws governing them to make them fair. I think if the financial aspect was closer controlled we would see more fairness.  I also do not think that politicians should be able to serve or 'help' groups. Their should be more of a boundary.

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